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We count with a diverse group of professionals in different areas that converge in the application development process to produce the best products to all our clients. Our team involve different disciplines, each one with many skills and talents to provide in order to deliver the best experiences:

Product Managers

The Product Manager guides a team that is in charge of a set of products for different companies within Webcat. This extends from increasing the profitability of existing products to developing new products for the company. The product manager builds products from existing ideas, and helps to develop new ideas based on industry experience and contact with agencies and stakeholders.

The Product Manager must be able to communicate with all areas of the company. He works with an engineering counterpart to define product release requirements, plan for development releases and organize different business units towards meeting the company goals.

Back End Developers

Web Applications Developers apply their abilities in the areas of complex web based products development, aggregation, rules/actions engine based workflow, accounting systems implementation, CRM, reporting and procurement tools. This role is for both junior and experienced developers interested in designing and developing multi-threaded, distributed, back-end systems.

The Web Applications Developer is responsible for the analysis, development, installation, modification, support of complex web based applications, this role works closely with product managers, clients and the technical team in enhancing and developing new solutions for web based products.

The technologies we use to create great products include:

  • Java frameworks, such as Spring and Hibernate.
  • Grails, Javascript frameworks, FreeMarker, Ibatis, among others.
  • Relational Databases using PostgreSQL.
  • Maven, SVN and Git.

Front End Developers

Front end developers are responsible for the production, modification and maintenance of web-sites and web application's user interfaces. This involves working closely with the development team, in using semantic mark-up language i.e. XTMTL/CSS, to turn their static designs into working browser based web pages, rich email communications, usable forms and additionally implementing back-end developers server-side code in order to develop complex, interactive and database driven web-sites.

Additionally, front end developers make sure that our products meet standards in terms of implementation and evolve with frameworks towards keeping products up to date in terms of compatibility with different devices and browsers.

The technologies we use to create great products include:

  • HTML frameworks, such as Bootstrap.
  • Javascript frameworks, such as Prototype and/or jQuery.
  • Adobe Acrobat acroforms.
  • Photoshop and illustrator.

System Administrators

This role is responsible for administration of network infrastructure and servers and monitoring and upgrading existing systems. Knowledge of network security tools, troubleshooting and documentation is required.

The system administrator collaboratively sets technical standards for the UNIX Administration team, including scripting, backups, monitoring, general administration and documentation.

It is also responsible for hiring and staffing changes, providing appraisals, counseling, delegating, developing and coaching of employees. It is a mentor that helps to lead the department to excellence and improve team performance while maintaining a high level of morale while also providing training and support to other UNIX Administrators.

The technologies we use to keep our great products always running are:

  • Linux servers(CentOS).
  • Apache/Tomcat web servers.
  • Monitoring systems (Nagios, Monit, Centreon).
  • Qmail email servers.
  • Postgresql Databases.

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